Autobiografia (Jan 2015)

Między słowem i ciałem1. O somatekstualności "Dzienników z lat osiemdziesiątych" Teodora Parnickiego

  • Joanna Szewczyk

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4


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The article deals with the Teodor Parnicki’s Diaries from the eighties, which are a document of the last period his life and artistic work. A subject of the article is functions of the diary of the writer (among others the diary as the chronicle of artistic work, form of therapy and kind of bookkeeping) and Teodor Parnicki’s ratio to the history of the eighties visible in his diary. Diaries from the eighties are reading as a kind somatext, which body and writing are inseparably connected. The aim of article is to show, firstly, Parnicki was addicted to writing, which was necessary for his project of identity as author of historical novels and secondly, relationship between writing and somatic subject, focused on experience old age, illness and alcohol addiction.