Bìznes Inform (2019-01-01)

Logistics and Households

  • Ivanov Roman V. ,
  • Ivanov Kyrylo R.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 492
pp. 34 – 39


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The main aim of the publication is to research the principles of logistics in the context of their relation with the features of households’ operating at the macro- and micro-economic levels. The research showed that the behavioral livelihood of household (its functional, structural and organizational representation) delineates the space of the complex socio-economic system, which contains socio-economic, cognitive-reflexive relations between the agents of this system, its center and its external environment, which have the information-communicative character of ensuring the passage of material, financial, energy and other flows. The emergence of the information-communication logistic relations of the household development is the center of the beginnings of processes of self-organization of logistic structures in order to create conditions of economic security of households and is the instrument of influence on the economic behavior of households on the part of the State.