The Culture is fighting in the streets. Nationalism and cultural industries in the interwar.

Anuario del Instituto de Historia Argentina. 2016;16(2):e022-e022


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Journal Title: Anuario del Instituto de Historia Argentina

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Publisher: Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Society/Institution: Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la EducaciĆ³n

LCC Subject Category: History America: Latin America. Spanish America

Country of publisher: Argentina

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Mariela Rubinzal


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This article proposed to analyze the relationship of rights to cultural industries in the interwar Argentina. The analysis focuses on cultural products produced and distributed by groups and intellectuals ascribed to Argentine nationalism. The consumption of these cultural assets is studied in the framework of the political dispute by imposing a model nation in a world divided between fascist and democratic models. The main hypothesis of this article is that the Argentine nationalism conceived the "cultural question" as a central aspect of his "crusade" policy and developed different strategies and practices to disseminate their ideas in the most diverse sectors of society, including workers. The corpus includes cultural products from the publishing industry, for years is undergoing a profound transformation, and the most recent radio and film industries. In the latter case, the columns of newspapers and other writings on cinema are examined.