Fizičeskoe Vospitanie Studentov (2012-04-01)

Description of how the specialization influences the dynamics of the functional and motor abilities among the third to fifth year female students.

  • Chernenko S.A.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4
pp. 130 – 134


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A research purpose is an analysis of influence of specializations (badminton, aerobics, kalanetik) on the dynamics of development of functional and motive capabilities of students 3 - 5 courses. 303 students took part in pedagogical research. The followings indexes were registered: frequency of heart-throbs, at run of 100 m., broad jump from a place, bending, unbending of hands in support lying. The analysis of results of index of Ruff'e is executed, tests to Shtange, Genche, Romberga. The dynamics of development of the functional state and motive capabilities is exposed for students. The degree of influence of exercises of different orientation is certain on development of functional and motive capabilities for girls.