Physical-chemical and biocatalytic properties of a proteolytic complex of the preparation "Protepsin"

Vestnik Voronežskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta Inženernyh Tehnologij. 2016;0(1):89-95 DOI 10.20914/2310-1202-2016-1-89-95


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Journal Title: Vestnik Voronežskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta Inženernyh Tehnologij

ISSN: 2226-910X (Print); 2310-1202 (Online)

Publisher: Voronezh state university of engineering technologies

Society/Institution: Voronezh state university of engineering technologies

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Chemical technology: Food processing and manufacture

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

Language of fulltext: Russian

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L. V. Antipova (Voronezh state university of engineering technologies)
M. V. Gorbunkov (Voronezh state university of engineering technologies)


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Enzymatic technologies were included strongly into practical activities of the person, the volume of the world market constantly grows and is updated. However the domestic production of enzymatic preparations very lags behind world level that is in many respects connected with insufficient scientific and technical base for a wide circulation of technologies in large-scale production. At the same time there were Russian producers of enzymatic preparations from animal fabrics and bodies for processing of raw materials of an animal origin, according to forecasts, of interest in rational use of resources of an animal origin. In article data on research of properties of the enzymatic preparation "Protepsin" and an assessment of prospects of application are provided in processing of raw materials of an animal origin. The enzymatic preparation "Protepsin" made in the conditions of JSC Plant of Endocrine Enzymes (Rzhavki, Moscow region) activity at action on proteins of meat shows, including the strengthened structure, has milk-clotting effect, is active in the field of pH 4,0-6,0 and temperature 20-45zs. The proteinaceous complex includes 4 fractions, 2 from which possess the general proteolytic activity. One of them shows the general proteolytic and milk-clotting activity. Enzymes differ in an amino-acid set and molecular weight. The method of a disk electrophoresis determined molecular-mass structure of "Protepsin". The preparation inactivation conditions guaranteeing its safety in the production technology of foodstuff as active proteolytic enzymes in the course of digestion can cause violations of integrity of fabrics and corresponding diseases are shown. Thus, conditions of use of a perspective proteolytic preparation in technology of a wide range of food of an animal origin are in a complex proved and picked up.