Pamukkale University Journal of Engineering Sciences (Feb 2009)

Analysis of Performance and Emmissions in a Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel and Blends

  • Ahmet Necati ÖZSEZEN,
  • Mustafa ÇANAKÇI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 2
pp. 173 – 180


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In this study, the performance and emission characteristics of biodiesel based waste palm oil and its blends with petroleum based diesel fuel (PBDF) was analyzed by means of three dimensional maps. In order to determine the engine performance and exhaust emission characteristics, the engine was exposed with full load and varied speed tests. In the result of analyze, it was seen that the brake specific fuel consumptions increased with the increase of biodiesel percentage in the fuel blend, but brake torque decreased depending upon biodiesel percentage in the fuel. In the result of emission analyze, it has determined that biodiesel and its blends has provided significant improvements in HC, CO and smoke opacity emissions. However, the stable behaviors in NOx and CO2 emissions of biodiesel and its blends did not seen in terms of the engine speed.