JeDEM - eJournal of eDemocracy & Open Government (Oct 2018)

Methodology and Criteria for Evaluating E-Services: The Case of Azerbaijan

  • Rasim Alguliyev,
  • Farhad Yusifov,
  • Aynur Gurbanli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 1
pp. 106 – 115


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The enhancement of evaluation methods and development of effective public administration mechanisms are crucial for providing effective e-government services. This article explores the international practice in the field of e-service evaluation. The organization and provision of e-services in government entities, as well as the evaluation regarding the organization and functioning of information systems are implemented by the “ASAN service” system in the Azerbaijan case. The evaluation of organization and functioning of e-services is conducted by considering three determined criteria: the level of digitalization and relevance, the level of information openness and accessibility, and the level of convenience of use. Evaluation of e-services allows for improving the level of services and the development of feedback mechanisms. Currently, much attention is focused on the development of citizen-centered services.