Entomological survey in the state of Piauí, Northeastern Brazil, reveals intradomiciliary colonization of Triatoma brasiliensis macromelasoma

Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo. 59(0) DOI 10.1590/s1678-9946201759027


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Journal Title: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo

ISSN: 0036-4665 (Print); 1678-9946 (Online)

Publisher: Universidade de São Paulo

Society/Institution: Instituto de Medicina Tropical

LCC Subject Category: Medicine: Internal medicine: Special situations and conditions: Arctic medicine. Tropical medicine

Country of publisher: Brazil

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Silvia Menezes dos Santos
Danielle Misael de Sousa
Jessica Pereira dos Santos
José Felipe Pinheiro do Nascimento Vieira
Teresa Cristina Monte Gonçalves
Jacenir Reis dos Santos-Mallet
Filipe Anibal Carvalho-Costa


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ABSTRACT This survey aimed to assess the presence of triatomine vectors of Chagas disease within the rural communities of São João do Piauí, Northeast Brazil. Intradomiciliary and peridomiciliary collection strategies were implemented wherein 279 specimens of Triatoma brasiliensis macromelasoma, both nymph and adult were found in 15 (50%) of the studied homes. Of the intradomiciliary insects, 73 (67.6%) were identified as nymph instars (1st instar [N1]= 6, N2= 14, N3= 28, N4= 7 and N5= 18). In the studied communities, a continuous interaction between triatomine bugs and humans could be shown. It is therefore urgent that suitable strategies for the control of the triatomine vector are implemented in this area.