New Taxa and Synonymy in the Family Pyrgotidae (Diptera, Tephritoidea). II. Subtribe Adapsiliina and Afrotropical Campylocera

Vestnik Zoologii. 2016;50(3):195-218 DOI 10.1515/vzoo-2016-0024


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Journal Title: Vestnik Zoologii

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Society/Institution: Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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Korneyev V. A. (Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, NAS of Ukraine, vul. B. Khmelnytskogo, 15, Kyiv, 01030 Ukraine)


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In the tribe Pyrgotini, a monophyletic lineage is considered as the subtribe Adapsiliina Rondani, 1869, revised rank; it includes the genera Adapsilia Waga, 1842, Campylocera Macquart, 1843, Euphya Wulp, 1885, Eupyrgota Coquillett, 1899, Geloemyia Hendel, 1908, Hendelpyrgota Vanschuytbroek 1963, Plectrobrachys Enderlein, 1942, Porpomastix Enderlein, 1942, Pyrgotomyia Hendel, 1934, Siridapha Enderlein, 1942, Trichopeltia Wulp, 1885, and an unnamed and unplaced genus-group taxon (represented by the group of species related to Adapsilia hirtoscutellata Hendel, 1933). Based on having at least two synapomorphies: the incomplete costa not reaching apex of medial vein, and male cerci flattened dorsoventrally, large, slightly longer and wider than epandrium, the broadest concept of the genus Campylocera Macquart, 1843 is proposed. In the Afrotropical Region, it therefore includes also all the species assigned by Steyskal (1980) to the genera Clemaxia Enderlein, 1942, Congopyrgota Aczel, 1958, syn. n., Diasteneura Hendel, 1908, syn. n., Dicrostira Enderlein, 1942, Hexamerinx Enderlein, 1942, Hypotyphla Loew, 1873, syn. n., Hypotyphlina Enderlein, 1942, syn. n., Lygiohypotyphla Enderlein, 1942, and Prohypotyphla Hendel, 1934, syn. n. The other important characters of Campylocera are the low epistome, subocular sclerite well expressed, and femoral organ on female mid femur always lacking. The following synonymy is established: Campylocera ferruginea Macquart, 1843 = Prohypotyphla omissa Hendel, 1934, syn. n.; Campylocera hyalipennis (Aczel, 1958, comb. n.) = Congopyrgota hyalipennis Aczel, 1958 = Congopyrgota kivuensis Vanschuytbroeck, 1963, syn. n. = Congopyrgota ethiopica Steyskal, 1972, syn. n.; Campylocera latigenis Hendel, 1914 = Prohypotyphla obtusicornis Hendel, 1934, syn. n. = Dicrostira partitigena Enderlein, 1942, syn. n.; Campylocera loewi (Hendel, 1908), comb. n. = Hypotyphla loewi Hendel, 1908 = Prohypotyphla (Hypotyphlina) saegeri Aczel, 1958, syn. n.; Campylocera caudata (Hendel, 1914), comb. n. = Hypotyphla caudata Hendel, 1914 = Lygiohypotyphla hyalipennis Vanschuytbroeck, 1963, syn. n. = Lygiohypotyphla ruwenzoriensis Vanschuytbroeck, 1963, syn. n.; Campylocera basilewskyi (Vanschuytbroeck, 1963), comb. n. (= Diasteneura basilewskyi Vanschuytbroeck, 1963), Campylocera laticeps (Hendel, 1908), comb. n. (= Diasteneura laticeps Hendel, 1908), Campylocera obscura (Vanschuytbroeck, 1963), comb. n. (= Diasteneura obscura Vanschuytbroeck, 1963), Campylocera similis (Steyskal, 1963), comb. n. (= Diasteneura similis Steyskal, 1963), Campylocera variceps (Curran, 1928), comb. n. (= Diasteneura variceps Curran, 1928), Campylocera nigripennis (Hendel, 1934) comb. n. (= Prohypotyphla nigripennis Hendel, 1934), Campylocera scalaris (Hendel, 1934) comb. n. (= Prohypotyphla scalaris Hendel, 1934).