RUDN Journal of Law (Dec 2014)

Insolvency (bankruptcy) of a natural person according to the Russian law: need for comparative law research

  • I S Korshunov

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 3
pp. 82 – 87


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The author analyzes the key steps of improving the legislation on insolvency (bankruptcy) of citizens who are not individual entrepreneurs in Russia since 2009. This article contemplate the plan of action of the anti-crisis measures of the Government of the Russian Federation for 2009 dated 19.06.2009 № 2802p-P13, the disposal of the Government of the Russian Federation of 03.07.2012, № 1162-p, by which it was submitted to the State Duma draft of the Federal Law «On Amending the Federal law» on Insolvency (Bankruptcy)». The question of the need for appropriate comparative legal studies is considered. After analyzing the existing legal researches in this field, the author comes to the conclusion that there is a lack of fundamental scientific works considering actual problem of improving the legislation on bankruptcy of individuals in the Russian Federation at the current stage.