Antarctic Record (Mar 1978)

Harpacticus furcatus LANG from the Antarctic Peninsula, with Reference to the Copepodid Stages (Copepoda: Harpacticoida)

  • Tatsunori ITO,
  • Mitsuo FUKUCHI

Journal volume & issue
no. 61
pp. 40 – 64


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Harpacticus furcatus LANG is redescribed, based upon some specimens collected in a tide pool near Almirante Brown Station on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Although the original description by LANG states that the female has only one inner seta on the middle endopodite segment of leg 2, all the females of the present material examined have two setae, and markedly differ from the LANG's description in this respect. All the nine female specimens of the remaining LANG's material, however, have two inner setae on the endopodite segment in question, and completely agree with those of the present material in this important taxonomic character. All the copepodid stages are also described and illustrated. As a result, it is clarified that this species is of the non-retarded formation type in the differentiation process of the endopodal outer spine of the leg 2, leg 3 and leg 4.