Sustainability (2018-09-01)

Corporate Social Responsibility of Foreign Multinationals in a Developing Country Context: Insights from Pakistan

  • Mohammad Sohail Yunis,
  • Dima Jamali,
  • Hina Hashim

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 10
p. 3511


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This paper aims to explore the dynamics of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of multinational companies (MNCs) subsidiaries operating in Pakistan. To do this, the corporate social performance (CSP) model, has been modified and integrated with the relevant models of CSR for multinational companies (MNCs). Empirical evidence from MNCs operating in the developing country context was collected and analyzed from MNCs operating in Pakistan. Findings from semi-structured interviews uncover that CSR is yet to institutionalize and most MNC executives understand CSR in narrow philanthropic and ethical terms and ignore the legal and economic aspects. Interestingly, there is evidence that MNCs are able to modify global CSR strategies to respond to local contexts and issues. In addition, the sample MNCs lack systematic environmental scanning, stakeholder management and demonstrate a short-term reactive approach to CSR. We believe that the proposed theoretical framework of the study can be utilized to understand MNCs CSR practices in both developed and developing countries. However, these empirical findings are context bound and cannot be generalized.