Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy (Jun 2017)

Employer Branding and Talent Management in the Digital Age

  • Alina MIHALCEA

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 2
pp. 289 – 306


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In the digital age, organizations need to reinvent themselves at a structural level and to become agiler. Digital maturity of human resources management implies a shift from traditional paradigm on workplace towards engagement, learning and development of employees and search for talent. This paper focuses on identifying the major trends and strategies concerning talent management programs and development of digital skills for employees and managers. The study reveals that in an open talent economy, employer brand is very important in recruiting and retention of high potential employees and must be focused on learning & leadership development, mobility, rewards and competency systems. At present, in order to obtain a business value, one of the major challenges that HR needs to face is the development of digital skills for managers and employees.