Condensed Matter Physics (Jan 2010)

Nano-colloids of Sn2P2S6 in Nematic Liquid Crystal Pentyl-cianobiphenile

  • O. Kurochkin,
  • H. Atkuri,
  • O. Buchnev,
  • A. Glushchenko,
  • O. Grabar,
  • R. Karapinar,
  • V. Reshetnyak,
  • J. West,
  • Yu. Reznikov

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 3
p. 33701


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It has been shown experimentally that the ferroelectric nano-particles, in common with other molecular additives, shift the clearing temperature, Tc, extending or reducing the two-phase coexistent region and changing the average order parameter of the single-component nematics. An increase of up to 11°C or a smaller decrease of as much as 3°C of Tc, and corresponding changes of the order parameter were observed. In all cases the order parameter of the colloid followed the universal temperature behaviour, which is a characteristic of LCs with molecular additives.