Этническая культура (Dec 2019)

Features of the Language Personality of Transnistria in the Context of Ethno Cultural and Interlingual Interaction of Russian and Moldovan Languages

  • Natalya V. Krivoshapova

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (1)
pp. 48 – 51


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The article continues the theme of peculiarities of linguistic personality in the light of ethno-cultural interaction in the polylinguistic Pridnestrovian region. The purpose of the article is to characterize the Pridnestrovian language personality in the aspect of its ethno-cultural and interlingual lines of interaction, to identify difficulties in learning the Russian language of students for whom the native language is Moldavian. Methods. The analysis of language interference and transference in the Pridnestrovian region is carried out. The result of the analysis demonstrates some features of the fact that the Pridnestrovian language personality develops taking into account the phonetic, grammatical and lexical «mixing» of languages functioning on its territory. It is concluded that the detection, fixation of interference and transference in the region, their subsequent analysis is built by the author in the context of a positive assessment of these phenomena, since these natural processes in the polylinguistic region make the linguistic personality of Pridnestrovie unique and interesting for research.