Floresta e Ambiente (2019-04-01)

Phytochemical Characterization and Effect of Cagaita Leaf Extracts on Aspergillus Sp.

  • Rafael Pozzi Malheiros,
  • Florisvalda da Silva Santos,
  • Luciana Lucas Machado,
  • Ana Maria Mapeli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 26, no. 2


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ABSTRACT Fungi of the genus Aspergillus may promote damage to the physiological quality of forest seeds, and plant extracts have been used to control microflora associated with these seeds. Thus, the aim of the present work was to perform the phytochemical characterization of ethanolic and aqueous extracts obtained from Eugenia dysenterica leaves (cagaita), as well as to evaluate the effect of these extracts on the development of Aspergillus sp. isolated from Hymenaea stigonocarpa seeds (jatobá-do-cerrado). For this, qualitative phytochemical analysis of extracts was carried out and their effect on Aspergillus sp mycelial growth, sporulation and spore germination was evaluated. As a result, phenols, hydrolysable tannins, flavonols, flavanones, xanthones, flavones, free steroids and saponins were found in both extracts, which could be used in the search for new antifungal compounds in the treatment of stored forest seeds, since extracts have secondary compounds that allow inhibiting Aspergillus sp mycelial growth.