Accompagnement d'une équipe enseignante de l'école primaire : l'analyse de l'activité comme aide à l'appropriation d'une culture commune

Éducation et Socialisation. 2015;38 DOI 10.4000/edso.1282


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Journal Title: Éducation et Socialisation

ISSN: 2271-6092 (Online)

Publisher: Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée

LCC Subject Category: Education: Special aspects of education

Country of publisher: France

Language of fulltext: French

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Rémi Bonasio

Bruno Fondeville

Philippe Veyrunes


Double blind peer review

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Collaborating with a school teacher team engaged in an innovative project, searchers proposed an accompanying device. It tried to promote a common culture appropriation in this team composed by several new teachers. The pupils « work plan », considered as a relevant practice by the teachers, was particularly studied. In an experienced teacher classroom, the pupils « work plan » was filmed and his activity was analysed. During a common session, the whole teacher team watched and analysed this teacher's activity. In this session, a novive teacher activity and the way the teachers justified their « work plan » practice were analysed. It characterized this teacher team common culture and its appropriation by the novice teacher.