Ekonomska Istraživanja (Dec 2021)

The impact of CSR and green investment on stock return of Chinese export industry

  • Zeyun Li,
  • Siao-Yun Wei,
  • Liang Chunyan,
  • Mahfod Mobarak N. Aldoseri,
  • Abdul Qadus,
  • Sanil S. Hishan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 0
pp. 1 – 17


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A green and sustainable business environment has gained the attention of recent researchers and policymakers due to environmental and social issues globally. Therefore, the present research investigates the impact of corporate social responsibilities (CSR), green investment, green credit, and assets return on the stock return of the Chinese export industry. This study has taken the ten top export companies from China using the database of the Shanghai stock exchange. This study collected data from financial statements and stock exchange databases from 2009 to 2020. This study has used panel data analysis techniques such as robust standard error and fixed effect model (FEM) to examine the relations among the variables. The results revealed that CSR, green investment, green credit, and return on assets have a significant and positive association with the stock return of selected industries. These results imply that CSR instigates higher financial performance in the export industry; thus, improving CSR and sustainable financing promote socio-economic and societal development.