Sensors & Transducers (Mar 2015)

An Approximate Sphere of the Four Anchor Nodes Positioning Method Based on RSSI

  • Yong Jun Zhang,
  • En Xiu Chen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 186, no. 3
pp. 85 – 92


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The utilizing of received signal strength indication (RSSI) in wireless sensor network (WSN) is a distance measurement method to compute the location of nodes, which needn’t additional hardware equipment. However, large errors of measurement may cause by the disturbance of environmental noise and inherent factors of hardware. Through analyzing the location information of anchor nodes and adaptive acquire the uncertain factors of RSSI in WSN to estimate the coordinate of unknown node accurately. We use MATLAB and ZSTACK-CC2530 protocol stack as simulation and real experiments prove that the method to locate nodes is effective and practical than other usual RSSI based strategies.