Journal of Nepal Medical Association (2020-07-01)

Laparoscopic Management of Large Right Paratubal Cyst: A Case Report

  • Rakina Bhansakarya,
  • Shanti Subedi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 58, no. 227


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Paratubal cysts are generally small but there are rare cases of large paratubal cyst and this case is one of them. Here we report a case of a young female with complains of abdominal fullness since 3 months. On examination, a huge mass (25 x 25 cm) extending from symphysis pubis upto xiphisternum was noted. Ultrasongraphy showed a cystic mass of 27 x 27 cm. Intraoperatively, the cyst was paratubal. It was drained with the help of veress needle and laparoscopic cystectomy was done. A large adnexal cyst extending above umbilicus is traditionally managed by laparotomy. But with the advent of laparoscopy, even a huge cyst can be managed by laparoscopy.