Sustainability (May 2021)

Making Sense from Experience: How a Sustainable Multi-Sensory Event Spurs Word-of-Mouth Recommendation of a Destination Brand

  • Mónica Gómez-Suárez,
  • María Jesús Yagüe

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 5873
p. 5873


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The last decade has seen an exponential growth in published articles related to the influence of marketing events on destinations. However, there is still a need for empirical research about the effect that organized events built upon sensorial components have on different variables related to participants’ attitudes and behaviors, as such events have the ability to provide unique experiences and emotions. Therefore, this research focuses on the impact of a sustainable multi-sensory event marketing that promotes the interests of the organizing service company (a marina brand), alongside those of the host location, by associating the brand destination with this specific activity. By surveying attendees to a summer event aimed at enhancing visits to an area in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and by adopting structural equation modeling estimation, the study shows that people’s positive valuations of the event had an impact on their word-of-mouth recommendation of the brand. Thus, visitors’ emotional experience was tied to their post-visit brand attitudes and brand equity. Based on the results, the study makes practical suggestions for branding in a sustainable destination, especially in relation to incorporating experiential elements in company-organized special events.