Meluzyna: dawna literatura i kultura (Jan 2014)

Mowy weselne z pamiętnika Michała Obuchowicza – edycja krytyczna

  • Katarzyna Chruściel

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Vol. 1


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The subject of the editio critica are two wedding speeches, written anonymously together withthe diary of Michał Leon Obuchowicz (the manuscript from the Library of the Polish Academyof Sciences in Kórnik). The first speech is from the wedding of Prudencja Gosiewska and the secondone is the exemplary speech made while giving the bride to the groom. There is a hypothesisthat Michał Leon Obuchowicz is actually the author of both speeches. Even though the diarieswere edited twice (in 1859, Vilnus and 2003, Warsaw), the texts have never been published.The author of the article postulates for including the editio critica in the editions of old diaries.