Open Medicine (2019-10-01)

Cancer- and non-cancer related chronic pain: from the physiopathological basics to management

  • Sica Antonello,
  • Casale Beniamino,
  • Dato Maria Teresa Di,
  • Calogero Armando,
  • Spada Alessandro,
  • Sagnelli Caterina,
  • Santagata Mario,
  • Buonavolontà Pietro,
  • Fiorelli Alfonso,
  • Salzano Anna,
  • Dodaro Concetta Anna,
  • Martinelli Erika,
  • Saracco Elisabetta,
  • Troiani Teresa,
  • Tammaro Dario,
  • Ciardiello Fortunato,
  • Papa Alfonso

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 1
pp. 761 – 766


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The prevalence of chronic pain is between 33% to 64% and is due to cancer pain, but it has also been observed in non-cancer patients. Chronic pain is associated with lower quality of life and higher psychological distress and depressive/anxiety disorders in patients without a history of disorder.