Theoretical and Applied Economics (Sep 2022)

Postmodernism and communication in education. European funds for combatting school dropout in Romania

  • Elvira Alexandra GHERASIM

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XXIX, no. 3
pp. 183 – 196


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The education system is the means through which education conveys knowledge and information tailored to meet the requirements of inclusive education, i.e. giving access to school to all children in order to learn and be able to decide on their future career. School dropout is the main cause of unemployment, social exclusion, poverty and poor health. These are the reasons why some youngsters leave school earlier: personal and family problems, learning difficulties or a difficult socio-economic situation. Other factors: the functionality of the education system, the atmosphere in school and the relationships between teachers and students. The problems in education worsened because of the pandemic, data showing a high increase in the rate of school dropout. Solutions to this problems need to be found, but it requires considerable financial effort.