Journal Biomedical and Biopharmaceutical Research (BBR) (Dec 2012)

Relationship between the dietary intake of water and skin hydration

  • Maria Lídia Palma,
  • Carla Monteiro,
  • Liliana Tavares,
  • Maria Julia Bujan,
  • Luís Monteiro Rodrigues

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 2
pp. 173 – 181


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Several studies about the importance of water in the hydration of the human skin suggest that higher water intake might have a positive impact on the skin. When measuring water consumption, it must be taken into account that the water comes from various sources. With this in mind, we evaluated the impact of an increased inflow of 2L of water per day, on two groups with different daily water intakes. Results suggest that there is an improvement in the epidermal and dermal hydration obtained by standard methods. The magnitude of this impact on skin hydration is greater in the group that regularly consumes less water. This suggests that an increase in water consumption has more beneficial effects on the skin health of those individuals that consume less water per day. These data are consistent with the published literature, which therefore justifies further research into this topic.