Resident opinions as criteria for the preparation of tourist routes in the urban environment through GIS

Investigaciones Turísticas. 2016;0(11):196-215 DOI 10.14198/INTURI2016.11.09


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Journal Title: Investigaciones Turísticas

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Publisher: Instituto Universitario de Investigaciones Turísticas

Society/Institution: Universidad de Alicante

LCC Subject Category: Geography. Anthropology. Recreation: Recreation. Leisure

Country of publisher: Spain

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Jose Rubio Iborra (Universidad de Murcia)


Double blind peer review

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The  importance  of  tourism  for  local  economies  has  been  proven  in recent  decades  by various  national  and  international  government  agencies. At the same time, improvements to technology and better access to it  allow the  development  of  methodologies  that  facilitate  progress towards  more efficient  and innovative local tourism,  consistent  with  both value  and  internal resources, as well as with the destinations' real possibilities. The aim of this paper has been to develop and apply a methodology that allows on the one hand, the selection and georeferencing of the main cultural attractions of the city of Murcia according to the opinion of its residents and, on the other hand, to develop a tourist route which is based on the location of these points, using the networks analysis extension of a GIS.