E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2021)

Parameter Effects in the Preparation of Pyrolytic Carbon from Agroforestry Biomass Waste

  • Sun Yuxin,
  • Xu Jiaying,
  • He Meixuan,
  • Tang Yixuan,
  • Cao Leichang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 261
p. 04002


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Traditional fossil fuels are being replaced by pyrolytic carbonization fuel from agricultural and forestry biomass to address the energy shortage crisis and the environmental pollution caused by the massive burning of fossil fuels in recent years. This paper introduces the research progress in the preparation of agriculture and forestry biomass pyrolysis carbonization molding fuel. The advantages and disadvantages of different biomass conversion technology are presented. The effects of different technological parameters on the preparation of pyrolytic carbon from agricultural and forestry biomass waste were reviewed. Agriculture and forestry biomass combustion characteristics and their regularity are analyzed.