Data in Brief (2016-03-01)

Delayed early developmental trajectories of white matter tracts of functional pathways in preterm-born infants: Longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging data

  • Linda Chang,
  • Kentaro Akazawa,
  • Robyn Yamakawa,
  • Sara Hayama,
  • Steven Buchthal,
  • Daniel Alicata,
  • Tamara Andres,
  • Deborrah Castillo,
  • Kumiko Oishi,
  • Jon Skranes,
  • Thomas Ernst,
  • Kenichi Oishi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6
pp. 1007 – 1015


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Probabilistic maps of white matter pathways related to motor, somatosensory, auditory, visual, and limbic functions, and major white matter tracts (the corpus callosum, the inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus, and the middle cerebellar peduncle) were applied to evaluate the developmental trajectories of these tracts, using longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) obtained in term-born and preterm-born healthy infants. Nineteen term-born and 30 preterm-born infants completed MR scans at three time points: Time-point 1, 41.6±2.7 postmenstrual weeks; Time-point 2, 46.0±2.9 postmenstrual weeks; and Time-point 3, 50.8±3.7 postmenstrual weeks. The DTI-derived scalar values (fractional anisotropy, eigenvalues, and radial diffusivity) of the three time points are available in this Data article. Keywords: Term, Preterm, Infant, Diffusion tensor imaging, Atlas