Cognitive Computation and Systems (Dec 2022)

Cognitive excursion analysis of uncertainty concepts based on cloud model

  • Xu C. Lin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 4
pp. 362 – 377


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Abstract Based on the characteristics of human cognition and the cloud model, the excursion of uncertain concepts by the similarity between uncertain concepts from the perspective of conceptual cognition is studied. Firstly, considering the different meanings of the numerical characters in cloud concept, the properties of cloud concepts similarity are given. Furthermore, in order to reflect the various similarities that may exist in uncertain concept, five similarities between cloud concepts are constructed, specifically include the similarity between concept expectations, the similarity between concept entropy, the similarity between concept hyper entropy, the shape similarity and the overall similarity. Secondly, the rationality of these proposed similarity measurements is illustrated by comparing with the existing methods through the specific data analysis. Finally, two cognitive experiments, including concept cognitive processes without prior knowledge and concept cognitive processes with prior knowledge (including positive prior knowledge and negative prior knowledge), are designed. These experiments are all used to study the excursion in the process of concept cognition by the similarity of cloud concepts. The experiment results show that the proposed similarities are reasonable by comparing the proposed method with the existing ones, and the effectiveness of the proposed method is also verified by the excursion of concept cognition.