Veterinaria Italiana (Apr 2019)

The genome of Border disease virus genotype 8 from chamois by next generation sequencing

  • Francesco Cerutti,
  • Claudio Caruso,
  • Paola Modesto,
  • Riccardo Orusa,
  • Loretta Masoero,
  • Pier Luigi Acutis,
  • Simone Peletto

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 55, no. 1


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Border disease virus (BDV) is widespread both in domestic small ruminants and wildlife. Here we report the genome of BDV genotype 8 from chamois, strain Italy‑58987, obtained by next generation sequencing and the comparison with other pestiviruses. The sequence of 12,245 bp long was aligned to 22 pestivirus genomes and it showed a nt/aa similarity of 81.3/89.4% with BDV genotypes, and 65.9/67.8% with the other pestiviruses. The genome showed a mean nt/aa similarity of 91.2/95.0% with three Swiss genomes closely related to the BDV‑8 5’‑UTR and Npro sequences. The identification of divergent BDV‑8 isolates in North‑Western Italy and in Switzerland suggests that this genotype may have been circulating in a wider area than previously supposed, and may have a high host adaptability.