Journal of Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy (Aug 2023)

Instantly evaluating bacterial infections on skin ulcers in an Asian population using a fluorescence‐emitting device

  • Yu Kurokami,
  • Yukiho Kurosaki,
  • Chigusa Yamashita,
  • Kazunori Yokoi,
  • Kyoko Tonomura,
  • Eiji Kiyohara,
  • Yosuke Ishitsuka,
  • Manabu Fujimoto,
  • Atsushi Tanemura

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 4
pp. 125 – 128


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Abstract MolecuLight i:X® is a handy instrument capable of visualizing the bacterial adhesion over 10,000 CFU/g by recognizing porphyrin and pyoverdine as fluorescence. We took a total of 55 clinical photographs and fluorescence images (20 cases) from May 2021 to December 2021, after which the correlation between fluorescence observation and culture results was investigated. In addition, the course of fluorescent and ulcer status was shown in representative cases. The results suppose that MolecuLight i:X® is in real‐time use and would be helpful in determining the range of collection of bacterial cultures as well as in judging therapeutic necessity for intractable skin ulcers.