Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Jan 2016)

Natężenie ruchu turystycznego na wybranych festiwalach – Pozytywne i negatywne aspekty jego wpływu na system społeczno-gospodarczy Lublina w opinii mieszkańców miasta

  • Karolina Skoczylas,
  • Teresa Brzezińska-Wójcik

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35


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Similarly as in other cities, also in Lublin, both residents and tourists have had an opportunity to participate in an increasingly broad offer of festivals in recent years. With time, some of the events become brand tourist products of cities. The objective of the article is to present estimated data concerning the intensity of tourist traffic in Lublin during selected festivals, namely Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów, Jarmark Jagielloński (Jagiellonian Fair), and Europejski Festiwal Smaku (European Festival of Taste), and results of analyses of opinions of residents in the scope of positive and negative effects of the intensity of tourist traffic on the social-economic system of Lublin. According to estimated statistics, festivals generate quite high, as for the conditions of Lublin, intensity of tourist traffic. This is also reflected in statistics presented by other data sources. In the scope of positive effects of festivals on the social-economic system of the city, residents ascribed the highest rating to the strengthening of the image of the place as a tourist destination, and development of new accommodation objects in the tourist-economic sphere. High intensity of tourist traffic in the city, noise/crowd, and public transport disturbances were recognised as the most strenuous in the environmental sphere. In general, in spite of negative opinions, city residents expressed a positive opinion in the scope of the effect of festivals on the social-economic system of the city.