Journal of Architecture, Art & Humanistic Science (Jul 2018)

Philosophy of Contemporary Environmental Design in view of Antonio Gaudi Artifacts

  • Eman AL Banna,
  • Mohamed Saad

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 11-1
pp. 117 – 130


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Recently we can find several environmental design concepts, which raises controversy about identifying its meanings, principles and elements. This research can be considered as a contribution to identify and clear the right concept of the term “environmental design”, depending on what is induced from the philosophy of one of the most important pioneers of Architectural design "Antonio Gaudi". "Antonio Gaudi" is a unique phenomenon worth exploring by design researchers, Gaudi who classified as an architect - but I find that it is not logical or fair to limit this “phenomenon man” in one melting pot - architecture!! . Gaudí proved that he was a true environmental Artist as well as being architect, sculptor, urban planner, applied artist , product and interior designer, landscape coordinator, Pottery artist and Muralist. He intervened with his philosophy in every single detail of his artifacts. Findings: For last two centuries, Gaudi had a great affect on the environmental fields of Art and Design, and here it was necessary for us as environmental designers to study and explore the philosophy of this "phenomenon designer", through this paper, We put spot lights on the aspects of excellence that brought him in that special place as one of the most important pioneers of environmental design. His inspirations and thoughts brought him to be Master and great reference of environmental fields of Art & Design. The phenomenon of research: Antonio Gaudi an unique phenomenon, he is one of the pioneers of environmental design in the world, before the appearance of this term. Research aim: Clarify the confusions concerning of the concept of “environmental design”through "Antonio Gaoudi’s philosophy. Search claim: The philosophical aspects behind Antonio Gaoudi’s work in the field of Architectural design are intended to emphasize and clarify the concept of environmental design.