EPJ Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Reshaping Hybrid Perovskites Emission with Flexible Polymer Microcavities

  • Lova Paola,
  • Giusto Paolo,
  • Di Stasio Francesco,
  • Manfredi Giovanni,
  • Paternò Giuseppe M.,
  • Cortecchia Daniele,
  • Soci Cesare,
  • Comoretto Davide

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 230
p. 00006


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Thanks to versatile optoelectronic properties solution processable perovskites have attracted increasing interest as active materials in photovoltaic and light emitting devices. However, the deposition of perovskite thin films necessitates wide range solvents that are incompatible with many other solution-processable media, including polymers that are usually dissolved by the perovskite solvents. In this work, we demonstrate that hybrid perovskite thin films can be coupled with all polymer planar photonic crystals with different approaches to achieve emission intensity enhancement and reshaping using different approaches. The possibility to control and modify the emission spectrum of a solution processable perovskite via a simple spun-cast polymer structure is indeed of great interest in optoelectronic applications requiring high color purity or emission directionality. Furthermore, thanks to the ease of fabrication and scalability of solution-processed photonic crystals, this approach could enable industrial scale production of low-cost, large area, lightweight and flexible polymer-perovskite lighting devices, which may be tuned without resorting to compositional engineering.