Revista Institutului Naţional de Justiţie (Oct 2014)

Consideraţii privind delimitarea contractului matrimonial de contractul de căsătorie

  • Pisarenco Olga

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 3
pp. 25 – 29


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Considerations on the delimitation between the matrimonial contract and the marriage contract The institution of matrimonial contract appeared in legislation of the Republic of Moldova with the adoption of Family Cod nr.1316-XIV of 26.10.2000. This institution is less known among the population, therefore matrimonial contract is rarely encountered in practice. Often, the matrimonial contract is confused with the marriage contract, although the legislator has reserved to the fi rst one a distinct chapter – Chapter 6 „The contractual regime of spouses’ goods”. In this study, are reviewed defi ning aspects as well as those that delimit these two concepts, w