EPJ Web of Conferences (2017-01-01)

RHIC forward experiment to study √s dependence of forward particle production

  • Sako T.,
  • Adriani O.,
  • Bonechi L.,
  • D'Alessandro R.,
  • Goto Y.,
  • Itow Y.,
  • Kasahara K.,
  • Kim M.,
  • Makino Y.,
  • Matsubayashi E.,
  • Menjo H.,
  • Nakagawa I.,
  • Park J.,
  • Sakurai N.,
  • Sato K.,
  • Seidl R.,
  • Shinoda M.,
  • Suzuki T.,
  • Tanida K.,
  • Torii S.,
  • Tricomi A.,
  • Ueno M.,
  • Zhou Q.D.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 145
p. 10005


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The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider forward experiment is ready to take data in the RHIC Run2017 √s = 510 GeV p-p collisions using the LHCf Arm1 detector. New accelerator data are valuable to verify the Feynman scaling of FX1 production and to study the evolution of the break of scaling in neutron production. Using the transversely polarized proton beam, asymmetric production of forward neutrons is precisely measured. That is useful to understand the fundamental meson exchange in the proton-proton collisions.