Ad Limina (Jul 2015)

Hrafnsdrápa: un poema cristiano islandés del siglo XIII y la peregrinación a Santiago

  • Santiago Barreiro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 6
pp. 17 – 32


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In this article, we aim to analyze the pilgrimage to Santiago that is mentioned in Hrafnsdrápa (“Encomium for Hrafn”), a poem composed in Iceland during the first half of the thirteenth century honouring the local chieftain Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson. Comparing the poem with the prose texts about the chieftain (the two versions of Hrafns saga), we conclude that the poem shows a marked emphasis on the devotion and skills of Hrafn that distinguishes him from other Icelandic secular leaders of his time. Moreover, we connect the maritime motifs present in several stanzas of the drápa with a probable veneration of the apostle (as patron of pilgrims) by Hrafn. Finally, we offer a translation of the poem to Spanish in parallel with the original Norse text