Space and Culture, India (Nov 2019)

Networking Cooperation in Forming Soft Skills of a New Type of Teacher

  • Fayruza G. Rebrina,
  • Sabina D. Khakimova,
  • Ann R. Ishkinyaeva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 3


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The primary aim of this research is to develop an effective network interaction model in developing a new teacher’s soft skills. The authors carried out an analysis of a new teacher’s necessary soft skills and the existing models of partnerships. They outlined their views on the development of a networking model that is aimed at the systematic formation of a teacher’s soft skills. The empirical part is executed based on the Elabuga Institute of the Kazan Federal University. The created model can be used for the organisation of training system of a new type of teacher. It might as well be used as a model of the school-university partnership for revealing pedagogically gifted children or as an integrated model for the formation of basic teachers’ soft skills in the university.