Managing Global Transitions (Sep 2014)

The Electric Vehicles Ecosystem Model: Construct, Analysis and Identification of Key Challenges

  • Zulkarnain,
  • Pekka Leviäkangas,
  • Tuomo Kinnunen,
  • Pekka Kess

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 3
pp. 253 – 277


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This paper builds a conceptual model of electric vehicles’ (EV) ecosystem and value chain build-up. Based on the literature, the research distinguishes the most critical challenges that are on the way of mobility systems’ electrification. Consumers still have some questions that call for answers before they are ready to adopt evs.With regard to technical aspects, some challenges are coming from vehicles, charging infrastructure, battery technology, and standardization. The use of battery in EVs will bring in additional environmental challenges, coming from the battery life cycle for used battery, the manufacturing, and from some materials used and treated in the manufacturing process. The policy aspects include mostly taxation strategies. For most part, established market conditions are still lacking and there are a number of unresolved challenges on both supply and demand side of the EV market.