PLoS Biology (2015-07-01)

Where Next for Genetics and Genomics?

  • Chris Tyler-Smith,
  • Huanming Yang,
  • Laura F Landweber,
  • Ian Dunham,
  • Bartha M Knoppers,
  • Peter Donnelly,
  • Elaine R Mardis,
  • Michael Snyder,
  • Gil McVean

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 7
p. e1002216


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The last few decades have utterly transformed genetics and genomics, but what might the next ten years bring? PLOS Biology asked eight leaders spanning a range of related areas to give us their predictions. Without exception, the predictions are for more data on a massive scale and of more diverse types. All are optimistic and predict enormous positive impact on scientific understanding, while a recurring theme is the benefit of such data for the transformation and personalization of medicine. Several also point out that the biggest changes will very likely be those that we don't foresee, even now.