Stomatološki glasnik Srbije (Jan 2008)

Layered additive manufacturing in clinical medicine

  • Drstvensek Igor,
  • Ihan-Hren Nataša,
  • Strojnik Tadej,
  • Pogačar Vojko,
  • Župančić Hartner T.,
  • Sinković Andreja

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 55, no. 4
pp. 259 – 267


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The use of contemporary technologies of Computer Assisted Design (CAD), combined with latest rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, with traditional CT scanning techniques and high medical skills are used as instruments for better diagnostic visualization, simulation of procedures and treatment of patients with craniofacial deformities. They also improve the overall performances of medical and nursing staff thus influencing the quality of medical service. Patients with congenital defects, orthognathic deformities, deformities after malignancy treatment or after craniofacial traumatic injuries of different severities are of particular interests due to both aesthetic and functional alterations. The paper presents two clinical cases - a patient with scull bone defect after brain hemorrhage and brain edema as well as a patient with hemifacial microsomia treated by surgery followed by implantation of titanium angular implant prepared by means of computer tomography scans, Computer Aided Design and Rapid Manufacturing technologies.