Revista Brasileira de Futsal e Futebol (May 2021)

The Framework of the Contextual Conditions Affecting the Brand Globalization of the Iranian Football Pro-League

  • Sajjad Soroush,
  • Seyyed Nasrollah Sajjadi,
  • Ebrahim Alidoust,
  • Mehrzad Hamidi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 49
pp. 444 – 453


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Objective: The main objective of this research was to design the framework of the contextual conditions affecting the brand globalization of the Iranian football pro-league. Materials and methods: In order to achieve the goal and according to the specialty of the subject, qualitative study was used by conducting in-depth interviews with the experts of this subject. The interviews were conducted using snowballing technique and ultimately 20 people (18 Iranian people and 2 foreigners) were interviewed. Finally, the data obtained from the interviews were analyzed by grounded theory method through three stages open, axial, and selective coding. Result: Reviewing and analyzing interviews with regard to the contextual conditions underlying the brand globalization of the Iranian Football Pro-League 110 initial codes were distinguished, which, with respect to the proximity of the subject, 64 general concepts were considered. Subsequently, by further reviewing the concepts and their combination with each other and finding the initial relations between concepts, 32 final categories affecting the brand globalization of the football pro-league have been identified, which classified in five major dimensions. These dimensions included: managerial, economical, legal, techno- marketing and socio-cultural factors. Conclusion: According to the research findings, it is essential for the Iranian football managers and stakeholders to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the existing challenges to provide the required conditions and platforms for moving on the path of globalization.