ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (Mar 2018)

A Multiresolution Grid Structure Applied to Seafloor Shape Modeling

  • Wojciech Maleika,
  • Michał Koziarski,
  • Paweł Forczmański

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 3
p. 119


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This paper proposes a method of creating a multiresolution depth grid containing bathymetric data describing a stretch of sea floor. The included literature review presents current solutions in the area of the creation of digital terrain models (DTMs) focusing on methods employing regular grids, with a discussion on the strong and weak points of such an approach. As a basis for the investigations, some important recommendations from the International Hydrographic Organization are provided and are related to the accuracy of created models. The authors propose a novel method of storing DTM data, involving multiresolution depth grids. The paper presents the characteristics of this method, numerical algorithms of a conversion between a regular grid and the multiresolution one, and experiments on typical seafloor surfaces. The results are discussed, focusing on the data reduction rate and the variable resolution of the grid structure. The proposed method can be applied in Geographical Information Systems, especially for the purposes of solving sea survey problems.