Respiratory Medicine Case Reports (2017-01-01)

Structured Light Plethysmography (SLP): Management and follow up of a paediatric patient with pneumonia

  • Michele Ghezzi,
  • Laura Tenero,
  • Michele Piazza,
  • Alessandro Bodini,
  • Giorgio Piacentini

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. C
pp. 67 – 69


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Structured Light Plethysmography (SLP) is a non-invasive method to study chest and abdominal movement during breathing and can identify abnormal contributions of the different regions of the chest. M.D hospitalized for pneumonia, underwent SLP and spirometry at admission (T0), after 48 hours (T1), and after one month (T2). SLP parameters showed expiratory flow limitation, information consistent with the spirometric parameters collected, and reduced motion in the area effected by pneumonia, with improvement and normalization at T1 and T2. This method gave useful information about the contribution to the respiratory movement of the lung area affected by pneumonia so we can speculate a possible use in the follow-up of children affected by pneumonia or other respiratory diseases, and who are not able to perform a spirometric test.