Torun Business Review (Dec 2015)

The impact of the process of adaptation and knowledge sharing on the assessment of suitability of a new employee in the company. Case studies

  • Aleksandra Zaleśna

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 1
pp. 67 – 80


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The aim of this paper is to identify what is the impact of the process of a new employee’s adaptation on the process of knowledge sharing. The objective is also to identify how both processes - adaptation and knowledge sharing - affect the perception of a newly recruited person as a source of new knowledge in the company. The analysis was based on the case study. 3 subjects were selected - two small and one large. Based on the analysis, supporting adaptation has been distinguished. Its impact on knowledge sharing has been determined. An attempt was made to clarify the distinction in evaluating new employee as a source of new knowledge.