Вестник Московского государственного областного университета (Mar 2019)


  • Igor' A. SHashkov

Journal volume & issue
no. 1
pp. 138 – 148


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The article deals with researching the phenomenon of the religious internet-discourse through the lens of socially determined factors influencing speech communicative behaviour of the net user’s language identity. The author explains definition of the hypertext material as a basic unit providing successful functioning of the researched discourse type. The analysis of the definite strategies, tactics and ways used by the producent proves cognitive pragmatic power of the hypertext to influence the language identity of the religious internet-discourse participant. Practical significance of the article consists in using methods of network navigation and browsing from the position of the user’s language identity with the aim of studying particularities of realizing information distributive and sociocommunicative functions of the hypertext material. Basing on the research results the author comes to the conclusion that functioning of the studied discourse type is mediated with the hypertext space. The researcher manages to renovate the topic of the religious discourse in the sphere of network discourse practices by means of analyzing the particularities of realizing hypertext features and functions in the religious internet-discourse space.