Jurnal Sosiologi Agama Indonesia (Dec 2023)

Solidaritas dan Transaksi Ekonomi dalam Komunitas Suporter Persis Solo

  • Ronald Tri Pamungkas,
  • Danang Purwanto,
  • Riadi Syafutra Siregar

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 3


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The phenomenon of 'away days' has become a cultural practice among Persis Solo football club supporters. Some fans engage in selling and pawning possessions to fund their away-day excursions. This paper investigates an intriguing aspect of football fan culture: economic transactions within the supporter community. The issue at hand is that these supporters are buying and pawning items without a genuine need for them. The study aims to elucidate the motivations of Persis Solo supporters in engaging in such seemingly superfluous economic activities. Employing a qualitative methodology with a case study approach, data were collected through interviews and observations. Informants were selected using purposive sampling. The research identifies that within the Persis Solo supporter group, activities extend beyond merely supporting the football team to include economic transactions. The decision to buy or pawn items is not driven by a need for the goods but rather as a means of assisting friends. These economic transactions are underpinned by a sense of trust. The transaction process involves a social network that has been established among the supporters. They consider their fellow fans not just as friends but as an extended family or 'brothers in Persis.' Repeated interactions have fostered a sense of solidarity and synergy within this group. This study provides insights that could be valuable for future researchers interested in exploring the concept of attachment in other football supporter groups, considering that each group has its unique characteristics.