Sensors & Transducers (Jun 2011)

Modeling of a Non-invasive Electromagnetic Sensor for the Measurement Glycaemia

  • A. Rouane,
  • D. Kourtiche,
  • S. M. Alavi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 129, no. 6
pp. 105 – 121


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In this paper, we present the modeling of a non-invasive electromagnetic sensor for the measurement glycaemia. The model is based on a bio-impedance measurement. First, we optimized the dimensions of the sensor’s parameters that can influence on measurement. Second, we investigated the influence of the dielectric parameters on the conductivity and its impact on the measurement of glycaemia. Results from this study demonstrate that the variation of the sensor impedance depends on the resistance and the inductance, which depend on the conductivity. The sensitivity of the output and input signal ratio strongly depends on the conductivity of the medium under investigation. Maximum conductivity at the resonance frequency was demonstrated.