Revista Transilvană de Ştiinţe Administrative (Feb 2005)

Jacques Delors - President de la Commission Europeenne

  • Dacian Graţian GAL

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 13
pp. 54 – 72


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This article refers to the President of the European Commission between 1985- 1995, Jacques Delors. He was the single person who exercised the presidency of the European Commission during 10 years and this period was one of the most important for the European construction: the achievement of the Single Market, the development of the Single Currency Unit project, of the new common politics, the enlargement of the European Union from 12 members to 15 members etc. Due the contribution of his presidency to the European construction, Jacques Delors is one of the parents of the European construction and one of the most important political men of the XX century.