Revista Transilvană de Ştiinţe Administrative (Jun 2008)

Diagnoza nevoilor de dezvoltare profesională a personalului din instituțiile publice

  • Codruţa OSOIAN,
  • Ioan LAZĂR,
  • Monica ZAHARIE,
  • Corina GAVREA

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 21
pp. 19 – 27


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The micro approach of the human resource management requires the focus upon the employees’ individual development within the institution. This process includes the identification of the human resources’ development needs, the establishment of the methods and strategies necessary for developing the employees, and the implementation of the training program. The present study focuses on the identification of the individual development needs, which includes three phases: the identification of the knowledge and further on, the competences required for a high level performance, and the evaluation of the highly performing employees. Starting from the distinction between development needs and development wants, the purpose of this paper is to develop and propose a set of instruments which to facilitate the identification of the employees’ professional development needs (needs that are both present on the individual and organizational level).